Highest 83 Hitpoints
Average 66.2
Lowest 30 Runecrafting


RS Name Up to date
Last activity December 12th
Last stat check December 12th
Skill Level XP rank
ehp EHPEHP lookup disabled
⚔️ Combat10013,234,807
📊 Total152221,427,973312,629
attack Attack781,681,422347,227
defence Defence801,986,663300,207
strength Strength802,033,179494,276
hitpoints Hitpoints832,783,807426,709
ranged Ranged802,003,828484,502
prayer Prayer70742,475318,323
magic Magic802,003,433428,392
cooking Cooking70740,512506,576
woodcutting Woodcutting72915,049335,543
fletching Fletching52135,667665,316
fishing Fishing70737,656380,923
firemaking Firemaking802,065,030171,769
crafting Crafting70740,085287,810
smithing Smithing68621,890263,495
mining Mining54151,255690,889
herblore Herblore4562,962529,265
agility Agility62349,990413,591
thieving Thieving53136,772552,825
slayer Slayer64424,933470,633
farming Farming67565,494218,301
runecrafting Runecrafting3013,520583,892
hunter Hunter64430,153277,697
construction Construction50102,198443,874

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