Black Dagger



Highest 99 Strength
Average 70.2
Lowest 41 Hunter


RS Name Up to date
Last activity January 16th
Last stat check January 16th
Skill Level XP rank
ehp EHPEHP lookup disabled
⚔️ Combat11843,564,821
📊 Total161557,558,901257,477
attack Attack959,683,438121,468
defence Defence843,066,346230,340
strength Strength9913,511,095106,499
hitpoints Hitpoints9610,126,875181,550
ranged Ranged802,131,896484,088
prayer Prayer801,990,74995,336
magic Magic843,054,422351,593
cooking Cooking67593,602582,539
woodcutting Woodcutting55182,615991,336
fletching Fletching70759,297409,841
fishing Fishing65488,827492,068
firemaking Firemaking51113,838699,650
crafting Crafting71851,657224,323
smithing Smithing50108,869660,989
mining Mining63384,952418,601
herblore Herblore58230,416335,213
agility Agility66496,474377,728
thieving Thieving56190,728330,048
slayer Slayer926,527,73987,041
farming Farming57205,999319,701
runecrafting Runecrafting52124,157258,428
hunter Hunter4141,583529,702
construction Construction832,693,32771,050

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