Highest 99 Thieving
Average 77.3
Lowest 53 Runecrafting


RS Name Up to date
Last activity January 8th
Last stat check January 16th
Skill Level XP rank
ehp EHPEHP lookup disabled
⚔️ Combat939,643,501
📊 Total177876,363,549149,065
attack Attack771,494,836381,565
defence Defence72931,061470,391
strength Strength72986,685704,884
hitpoints Hitpoints781,714,287571,081
ranged Ranged791,891,344524,312
prayer Prayer60274,538495,041
magic Magic812,350,750408,902
cooking Cooking70752,722502,302
woodcutting Woodcutting822,481,998137,657
fletching Fletching9913,039,84750,524
fishing Fishing802,095,799172,876
firemaking Firemaking9913,068,42629,976
crafting Crafting9913,047,44019,624
smithing Smithing68622,779279,896
mining Mining69687,149277,783
herblore Herblore761,387,508130,872
agility Agility65473,347384,362
thieving Thieving9913,073,92521,953
slayer Slayer741,136,797320,985
farming Farming72955,515169,230
runecrafting Runecrafting53139,667243,945
hunter Hunter842,979,48752,922
construction Construction70777,642160,786

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