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Author Topic: Skill Selector and Default Sorting - 22 March 2017  (Read 1259 times)

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Skill Selector and Default Sorting - 22 March 2017
« on: March 22, 2017, 06:12:15 AM »
Today we've made the first major update to 2007Clans since launching our Closed Beta.
Introducing the Skill Selector and Default Sorting:

Skill Selector

On your clans page you'll notice in the top right is a new skill selector drop down list. Pick a non-combat skill of your choice to see how your clanmates compare with each other. For example check out Vanguard's Farming prowess or Vintage's Fletching. Each clans average level in a skill will be added in the coming days.

Default Sort

At launch we sorted clans by total level (and XP if even) and simply gave you the option to click the headers to resort. However we've now gone one step further to let clan admins decide how their memberlist is sorted by default. Hardcore Skilling clan? you might like to sort by EHP. PvP clan? Combat level is your thing. If you're a clan admin who wants to change their default sorting away from total XP then head to your Admin Panel to make the simple change.

What's to come?
2007Clans remains in Closed Beta for now but we hope to make a full launch in the coming months. Want your clan added? Contact Harry on Discord.
We welcome all suggestions, feedback and bug reports via Discord or these forums. That being said, here's a few things we have planned for the future:
  • Clan ranks - display the rank each member holds within your clan.
  • Player pages - click on a player's name on a memberlist to see their stats and clans.
  • Clan comparison - similar to the homepage this feature would allow you to see the top clans in each skill.
  • Donator features - introducing a donator rank to support the growth of 2007Clans with exclusive features.

Thanks for your continued support!

2007Clans Admin


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Re: Skill Selector and Default Sorting - 22 March 2017
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2019, 04:40:52 AM »
Part of this has made us think that is correct, then we have to make things even more interesting.