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Title: Player Pages and Patch Notes - 29 December 2017
Post by: Harry on December 29, 2017, 08:07:09 PM
This is simply a list of things that have changed since the last news post.
Most of this has been live for a good few weeks.

Player Pages
Clicking on a name on any memberlist now brings you to their stats.
On this page you can see any clan they are in, including multiple clans if they are in more than one.
You can also see highest, lowest and average levels along with the day they last gained XP.
The front page has been updated with the top 5 players by XP.
For an example check out VnG Tomato (https://2007clans.com/players.php?rsname=vng_tomato), our top ranked player.

Minor Tweaks

On The Way

Coming soon™

Thanks for your continued support.
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