FAQ and Info

What is 2007clans?
2007Clans is a memberlist service for clans and teams who play Old School RuneScape. It was created because of a lack of modern, free and accessible memberlist options for OSRS clans.

Stats and EHP
Stat lookups take place everyday at 00:30 UTC and you can see a timer at the bottom of each page. EHP lookups take place at 09:30 UTC. Sometimes Crystal Math Labs cannot handle our EHP requests so there will be days when your EHP will not update. There's currently not much we can do about this.

Out of date Clans and Players
2007Clans reserves the right to delete out of date memberlists. Memberlists that haven't been updated for 30 days are classed as out of date. After a further 15 days your memberlist might then be deleted. The same time limits apply for players whose RS names are no longer valid. This is usually due to a name change or a ban.

Whilst the costs of running 2007Clans are small, donations are still appreciated. Donors will receive a donor rank on Discord with access to an exclusive channel and Donor rank on our Forums. Click here to donate.

Daily stat update in 23 hours and 34 minutes.

Developed by Harry. Also uses Crystal Math Labs resources.
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